Friday, April 11, 2008

you know you're at clown camp when...

you play hooky from your own life and most of your friends don't even know what coast you are currently on (ps. left)

your ability to function as a 'normal' human being in public is severely disabled and frankly downright embarrassing

you sneak out of the dance-arama party to go cause trouble at tiny's (no baby oil this time. thanks g!) and when you get home five boys are in the kitchen eating bacon, french toast, popcorn, beer and corn-dogs

you find yourself doing jazzersize at 3am with the tallest boy you've ever met in your life... in your underwear

and in closing i would just like to say 'are you a idiot?'

[clown camp la participants: head mistress! (kg), shannon (#2), kimberly (#1), caleb (cit/ichabod), shorty, corey, puddin, justin, gina, stacey and a few other stragglers]

photos you DO NOT want to miss coming soon soon soon. for now? take this:

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