Sunday, December 19, 2004

woooooooooo. it's 80 degrees here!

just when i think my life is so boring, and inconsequential i am reminded by the grace of gods that movement is not always measured by manifestation but shows itself in feeling and emotions. today i am breathing and remember that i am in love. in love with living. i am alive and no matter what the darkness brings i will stay here until it is time to leave. and for that i am greatful.. my tolerance for pain is increasing by monuments

in one week i am heading back to new york. i cannot wait. i get to ring in the new year in my favorite city, running amok and doing god knows what
then i get to head back to san francisco for wor and record a demo. there is so much movement i don't even want to speak on it yet. i can't wait to see how it all pans, friends, work, city. i am tiring of being in orange county. it's fabulous to hang out with the sister and mother, and go to yoga and sleep and drive and be a bum...but i miss life. i miss the pulse and movement of buses and subways and cold weather. it's been 80 all week and jesus i'm itching to wear my winter coats :)

i miss being alone. the soul is tearing at my skin.

so life brings...what we will see. but it is movement. and more than i often stop to acknowledge. so today, right now, in the middle of a party in rivine, california i am taking a moment to say 'rock on' to relish in the beauty of life that is peaking and lapping on my tongue. i am in love with being alive in this moment. and i thank you, all of you for this.


Friday, December 10, 2004

promises. promises.

i know. pictures! you probably think i've been sitting in a white box looking at the wall from my lack of updates
but no no. i've been on the go. and i think this weekend i'll finally post for real.

i was up in sf for a few days this week. the trip was nothing as i had planned, but still wondrous none the less...
tonight i play at the derby which i am so amped for. finally...a real show in los angeles, a venue...goodness. i feel very fortunate to have all these opportunities coming to me. this week i will decide where i will spend the next three months...oh no commitment!!! :) i know my demo will be getting done and from there i can play shows outside of my comfort zone...venturing into unknown states and cities causing a scene...i music.

i miss new york.'ll see. keep watching.


if you haven't listened to the new interpol album, DO IT.