Sunday, March 18, 2007

fast and free. (truth)

is underestimated
is fated to hands
and wealth in words
I give back such hope
such truth that will never
come again
and sensitivity
lives alone on skin
and feeds fire
fans fear
which keeps me moving
love love love
come along
come clean
and rescue

Friday, March 09, 2007

one step. two. (she says...)

sillyness. my neck is throbing. i went to bed at 6am and i am awake. half comatose. last night was the best night i've had in a long time. and much needed. seeds are still missing. hearts are still longing. my face is still awash without color. i might never satiate. i may always want. i may never know again. i may always hold something so dear and so close and never taste it again. i hope my hands remember to touch. i hope my face remembers to feel. i hope that fire finds me again and wins me over. i want to see the snow. i want to rid myself of this culture of disgust and apathy that i was born into. i want my american skin to feel french air again and irish sea. i need it to clean my blood. i need to go home. december will not come soon enough. and i am wondering....will i have anything to show...?

one step. two. (she says she says she says...)

for once and for all

I donít taste skin
or sun
or much these days
without remembering
salty night
warm limbs
and fear
beating between thighs
and cursing
belated rhythms
fighting for control
over emotion
that would over run
every sentiment of sense
that controls me.
I have forgiven love
its curses
and danced within its sound
I stand stable and languid now
for once
for all