Monday, June 30, 2008

bklyn. it's a love affair.

game on. bklyn, i love you! it's true. rampant screaming rain. thunder. lightening. surprise visit from a los angeles partner in crime. walking at least 8 miles. crossing the williamsburg bridge on foot. laying all the way down on aforementioned and very wet bridge. predicting the weather. 7 minutes anyone? spain winning the euro cup. spike hill madness. seeing jes hudak singing backup for enrique iglasius/ [rad]. impromptu brazilian dance parties. secret art galleries. insanely beautiful debaucerous graffiti. glasslands how i adore you and cannot wait to find you again. rockstar bar how tragically hip you are i can't wait to play there. kent street with your red door and art (ichobod? jesus? yes!). wandering wandering wandering. perfect. jax and taly. ummm you rule. oh yes and do not ever forget roebeling tea house. omg yum in my mouth.

and manhattan you are still loved too. for your amazing thai food, pukk you save my soul. hell's kitchen for your brand new irish bar. doc holiday's for bringing me stellar friends and more fun than anyone should be allowed to have with a jukebox. meridith, christian, i love you.

all of this. in under 24 hours? a good sunday indeed. ladies and gentlemen. kim garrison is back.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

sacred geometry.

you are shades of green,
ancient grass of words
which speak rhythms to me.
my heart, unbinding lives
of languid time.
you are loosening
my lucid lines of living
with your hands
inching in
without words.
stitching all the places
unworthy of regret,
into phrased phases.

my understanding
of what this is…

sacred geometry


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


maybe i have leapt into the abyss. seeking an unknown enemy. righting myself in the face of what has been lost. of what i have given up to be here. maybe i am no longer without shame. without guilt. favored by god no more. seeking an empty mirror in an unknown land in a space so far from where it is i began. maybe. just maybe. he will still find me. walking without pretense. breathing without want. needing without answers. feeling without fight. maybe.


Friday, June 06, 2008


wasted. time. on images. ideas. percentages of faith restored. with warmth. promised. dreams only imagined. paths to cross. [despising witness]. slow wickedness. absentminded illusion. growth from the picket lines of fairness. only what we see can we witness. in such worth as only words can bring. this list of lust and longitude. this laughable space of certainty and calamity.

decidedly imaginable.