Friday, January 18, 2008

editors. [why live music should change your life.]

now and then again you see a show that more than entertains. it more than surprises. it offers a gift and moments of peace. wonder that holds space for the self. the editors last night at terminal 5 was one of these. it ranks right up there with muse at popscene, radiohead at the santa barbara bowl and pj harvey solo at beacon theatre. never have i seen a band been so musically entertaining and solid while remaining engaged in soul-baring intimacy. i was already in love with the songs from listening to their two have the live show so far surpass what is already a brilliant collection of songs was just utterly amazing.

from the first song, bones, it was hard to look at anything other than tom, the lead singer/guitarist. he came on stage with the power to define and direct the heart in an instant. humble and engaged, explosive and sincere, all in a moment. every movement an impulse, an extension of sound, the songs being limbs, pieces of this band, the sounds of their life.

tom was always scanning the crowd with wide eyes and outstretched hands, often jumping onto the piano and then swapping guitar for keys mid-song. his energy was an invitation. the band moved in support of him, remaining in the shadows, creating the sound-scapes for sound and space, singer and song to play in.

the surprise song of the night was a b-side i'd never heard which was stunning. it's called you are fading and you should get into it and go get it for yourself. right now. go on...'i'll loose this i always have, i always let you are fading, slowly drifting off to sleep'

i must mention lights...i've never truly seen a lighting design that was of any real import at a show. the editors...well they nailed it. the mood was uplifted and dramatized with every change...bringing the choruses to life visually and audibly...most perfectly executed on 'escape from the nest'. it was freakin brilliant. bring it on lighting designer, you rule!

it appears these guys have been on the stage together for a very long time. wide smiles and thumbs up to the crowd after each song [is this a british thing?] there was not one move out of place. not one moment lacking emotion. i was never tempted to look away. i was never left alone. all of this beauty...and even though my two absolute favorite songs off the album were not even played [well worn hand and put your head towards the air]...i thank you. for bringing life to rock and for the engaged intimacy that is so often lacking from live shows these days. refreshing doesn't even begin to cover it. don't miss this band. travel however far you must to see them. it's all that you need...a moment. a gift.


ps. it's worth mentioning that hot hot heat rules at life. i love these kids. i remember the first time i heard them. i saw the video for bandages on mtv at some obscene hour in the morning. i pretty much thought it was the worst song i had ever heard. the guy just kept repeating 'bandages, bandages, bandages' and he was all wrapped up in, yeah...bandages. wtf? for some strange reason i ended up getting some of their music. yes it was because that song i thought i hated was stuck in my head and wouldn't get out and i wanted redemption that perhaps they had some other songs i would like. hell yeah. talk to me, dance with me RULES [you are my only girl but you're not my owner girl!]. but also let's discuss bandages because pretty much...the verses of that song are just bloody brilliant: 'i've been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know i made, of you, for you, let's see what needles do...i've been thinking i've been drinking too many drinks all by myself...' i mean, come on. so yeah, they rule and seeing them open last night ruled too. once again, much ruling in nyc going on. thanks guys.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008


weightless. silent. the scent of freedom ringing in cells...abandoned, in regrettable fashion. an episode of faith and fear. a new way to remember. all hope in forgetting. and fascination. endless. in the moments that arrive to save a life again and again and again. the mysteries of today calming my skin. stalling walls with such ease. tonight i see the editors. i get to feel the senses of god fall into me.

'you touch my face...god whispers in my ear...there are tears in my replaces fear'

- the weight of the world [editors]

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

look back.

sounds of constellations. hearts. ache. neglect. forgiveness. a pattern not yet met. in what circumstance can we move ahead? in what reaction do we release the stars and feed upon the earth again? tell me. in what language you are speaking. in what phrases are you manipulating to make me understand? there are no more reasons. there cannot be any more answers. you have given me your hand and in your long retreat given me every thing i need to know. that you never look back. you are never looking back.


what burrows in...

i might have given every memory to him. left laughter at the gate of our union. lost a patch of innocent skin in hopes of being forgiven. for all that i am. for all that i wanted to do with him. and now. this space. of silence that holds onto sin. of grain that burrows in. and covers every inch, where he…where he always…used to be.



regret. as it pauses. long hard look at my skin. what does it see within? what witness does it bring? i would like to cleanse myself. to absolve my worth and let love live. but i’m not sure. not quite sure yet how this works. how the weight of the world sifts between us and calms such sin. please. let there be sun on the other side. let there be movement. and restraint. heaven. as it come clean. let us be. free.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

what listens.

when you speak there is movement, listening. i remember this today. the words and actions of the universe have proven this to me. speak of lonely, just ask, and the plane shifts. today the words that have been spoken to me leave me utterly amazed. the heart of one so very far away, giving me such life in his way. in his snapshot. in his trust. in his return. [love exacted just i know it exists. i wish i could return it as he asks it of me.] and another, just a bit closer. a long lost call. the sweetest utterance. the call i needed at exactly such a moment to move into the evening which has proven to be just...a blatant reminder that every movement is heaven, that all that i do is all that i want and that it is finally all the same in action. thank you. thank you. thank you. it truly does not matter, any of these small smoke stacks, worry or misdeed. at the end of all this [and soon] i will have words and sounds for ears with my name on it. he has said yes. he has said love. and i am grateful for every single step i've taken to get here. i love you. all. especially tonight. especially right now. [you know who you are]. more soon. [i know this is cryptic]. ecstatic. the end. [thank you david and ben. for coloring my world today with your words.]


transition. determination. destination.

after being out just about every single night for the past 8 months....i must admit having a home and staying in cooking meals and reading has been heaven. not that i don't enjoy the madness that is new york. it's just time, to sit and recuperate and refocus on the madness that is happening on the inside. i realize my capacity to love is ever expanding. and new skin brings new depths. and fear only releases the need to express even more the emotions that come. i have been reading books on love. not romance. but the treasure of the soul when it finds that which instigates unfiltered joy. 'straight is the gate' is a very old, classic french novel that i read in one sitting. it brought out the pains of love as it carries two young loves into life, unresolved in their union. it resonated with all that i am feeling at the moment. that which you truly love lasts forever. and even if you are determined to spirit it away or carry it into another room or time or will remain. it will hold onto you until death. it is a beautiful and heart-sickening truth. and i don't believe there is only one love that will find and bind to the heart, but i believe that the truth of our souls will want just one. and we must move to that rhythm. and we must make sense of that which is removed from our path, from our own resistance or the fate of an other. this is the way in which i live. this is the truth of what i know.

in other news. words and hope filter through me. soon these new songs will be born. the ones that have been trying to come through. those that up until now have had no home. trust. curse. loves lasts forever. 1,000 miles. war. gypsy love. and more and more and more. many solo shows coming up to bring these out. it's good to be back in this space...

for now i send sound to the wounds that have come and will come again. and hope to those that cannot hear me. i'm coming. i'm coming. i will be there soon.