Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy christmas [birth.renewal]

a perfect morning of azure ray [safe and sound. and displaced]. loads of snow. i cannot even see the road outside of the house or any of the ground. inches and inches of perfect sky, falling. a beautiful morning of reflection and sound. pieces of my selves finding themselves again. letting go of nothing. noting the wants and desires that stir and stand alone. they never withstand such pressure to disperse. they never withdraw from the race. they wet themselves with anticipation. and grow. grow. grow.


Monday, December 17, 2007

all in the family.

we are pretty much a walking tv show. i'm not sure how we do it or how we find each other but pairs of siblings pretty much rule. having shots of tequila before grocery shopping rules too. playing pool and dancing to garth brooks? yep more ruling. i will let pictures show you the story that was sunday december 16th in new york city. yes yes yes texas has been forgiven and everyone is all in love again. i credit christian's homecoming for this.

the rest of the weekend deserves it's own blog and will be forthcoming [um dancing at posh, yes it's a gay bar and yes i still got hit on, scott's cowboy shot and other insane antics, moving to brooklyn and more...coming soon].

we discovered that grocery shopping is more fun with friends [the shot of tequila helped too i'm suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure]:

cutest older siblings EVER? yep. right here. christian and shannon. they win.

and we're just cute.

sometimes i try to be a hater but it just never works. i love michael. mwahaha. :) mostly cause he puts up with me not being able to play pool at all and sings gb with me and drinks beer almost as fast as me and pretty much laughs at or at least puts up with me even when i am absofuckinglutely annoying and spastic. exhibit a:

there are many reasons to love just a little bit of everything when you are at doc holiday's. the pretty people, my favorite person ever [meridith]. the jukebox. the pool table. the pbr. buck hunter. on and on and on i go. here's just a random sampling:

that's all for now folks.
lovers you. big surprises coming up. stay tuned.