Sunday, February 27, 2005

the art of...?

yeah i know...i've been a slacker
get over it
last weekend i was in new york
it feels like it's been a month already...
i only got to see keith for a few hours - he is a dear sweet creature and i'm anticipating the days when i'll see him again, this time for days at a time oh my! :)

i got to catch up with eric and jessica in nyc:

i love both of these people so much. it warms my heart to know they are alive and romping through the streets...
even if they are freaks...and just finally met each other!!!

gotta love the shisk and monkey talk
i think i mentioned monkey in baby talk and that resulted in being attacked...ha. if cloning were an option...

the contrast of eric's shoes and my favorite subject, graffittee....awe yeah

this picture is totally pointless except that eric appears normal and like a sane man and i'm proud i captured that side of him...

i do miss the LES...

overall...the trip was too short and felt a bit spastic. i saw the gates which were pretty and all but seemed like 21 millions dollars coulda been spent on something else...i'm also not a fan of big crowds walking around like cows so that might have added to my annoyance
in any case
here you go

oh and if you haven't seen me in the last week or so...i now look like this:

that's me on the deck of the radest hotel i've ever SEEN
it's all glass and has wicked views of the manhattan and japanese soak tubs in the bathroom in addition to heated tile floors
mmmmmhmmmm. i'll be staying there again you know it

aubrey was out visiting her brother and it's always a trip to see her. we've known each other since junior high and still act like freaks when we get together it so fun. all wannabe prom queen jokes aside...we had a good time :) haha

i saw amman all too briefly as well
but we drank we ate sal's and all was well
even in the dark and in the cold. we look like freaks here but there you go
what's new?

let me recap january for ya:

january brought the fhlbsf company party
if you want to see more than just my shoes you can check out the full web gallery... it's mostly me, kirby, and adolfo but what else do you need???


been hanging out with some people from work as well
i swear we're normal

heck i was even so adventurous one night to go to a bar where i knew sports would be on! and people would be watching!
but that's what happens when you move in with a freind and he happens to be into that shite...
we still had fun
dog and all!

i befriended my sisters friend holly and have been running amok with her. we spent today in north beach...but this cute pic is from a few weeks back:

okay lovelies
that's all for now
more to come soon

oh i'm playing in san francisco on march 15th at club deluxe so should you be around stop by around 830 and say hi
thank god 'if you see her say hello' just came on. sometimes dylan is just what one needs
thank you!


love! love! love!