Sunday, April 29, 2007

a moment. a sound. some beer. and a bar.

if you were in the lower east side tonight…well…I either kissed you, had a beer with you or took your photo. tonight was a night to be loved. a moment to step into nyc. a face and a name and a bar called iggy’s. chris you are class. jay you rule for the beer the coffee and just watching out for me in general. Brandon? well I thought you were…you know…not into girls so I kissed you. but I guess I shoulda thought about it. cause I did challenge you to a fight off once we discovered we were both the same Amazonian height. the result? you picking me up and twirling me around in one arm. I almost died. even Amanda the bartender was worried. but I managed. I survived. and I kept drinking. and you are still too cute. and we will still end it at ‘to be continued’.

chris rules

aweee jay

I’m not sure we’re ready for the rest of this. a tiki bar turns into karaoke and then into a drag queen joint? too embarrassed for faces, I captured some groin comme feet action:

a moment is priceless. all ways.
i love jessica:

and don’t forget my feet. they are always in motion and always caught by my camera. tomorrow? we will see. but I’m sure I will be surprised. ..

but to end the night let us not forget the beauty joy and just plain ol randomness of street art/graffiti that has been seen throughout the day and displayed below...and of course giraffes. represent!
thank you LES for the day the night the pics and the etc etc etc. xoxokg.

bet you don't see clothing street painting everyday huh???

ain't nothing wrong with tha whisk-weeeee me likey

and nothing better than street art

and here's my kin (thank you piano's):

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Friday, April 27, 2007

never underestimate...a sharpie and tape

never underestimate the power of a sharpie and some tape. my boxes have just arrived. i am now living in nyc with two medium sized boxes, a red suitcase and an electric guitar. go me. ten days later, and delivered in the rain even, they have arrived. all taped up with just a weeeeeee address on them.

now i'm not complaining or anything but i must say i was a bit worried. you see when i went to the us post office to send these off i could barely stand and was still sleeping walking in baby oil. i had been up for almost 40 hours and not sure what my brainwaves were doing,but they were definately not thinking. so...needless to say it was a miracle to get them shipped out. at the time getting delivery confirmation or tracking or even insurance for every little thing i own and that is precious to me, well, it didn't seem too important?!?!?!? YES. i know. don't let me loose. in any case. they have arrived. gods bless the usps and the man who brought them to me at 9am today. and yes i told him, oh 3 or 4 times that i loved him as he was escaping from the building. today manhattan you will see me in new clothes. tomorrow? we will make coffee in my french press.
now rise and shine lil monkey faces. i am off to yum yum eats, laundry and talking cats.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

why I love the nyc subway : reason #1

forget thoughts of ease or swiftness or even the frugalness of it all. hands down the best and most basic perk of riding the nyc subway is your ability to unabashedly flirt with someone 50 ft away and not be faced with the danger of crashing into and possibly killing them with your car in the process. cars: two thumbs down, possible death trap. .subway: head to toe butterflies with no chance of running anyone over. score. sign me up.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

let's talk about brooklyn

points of interest:
mini me children. i'm talking 4 year olds wearing full on baseball caps and baggy jeans. they are four and it is strange.

life size dolls half naked on the street. they have flaming red hair and are just tossed out, like all growns up barbies waiting to be saved.

ice cream trucks. now this is awesome. as a kid at my grandparents house the ice cream man would come playing his little song and we run into the street and happy happy ice cream is to be had. it's pretty much an institution in brooklyn. the trucks are banned for noise pollution in manhattan so out in the burrow you get them rampant driving about town. stopping outside the park playing their happy organ song on repeat for oh about an hour. but the best part? finding the ice cream truck launching pad. oh yes. their home. that ruled.

okay and what's up with nuce cars just burned and smashed and trashed on the street??? reallllly???

the park though...was nice :)

then it's back to the bushwick loft and nappy time productions for taly and i. literally i just slumped down on her sofa and was out. hahha. love it. love her. love brooklyn (???). go life. head back to the east village.

my favorites in manahattan never come close to dissapointing. sal's has moved but the pizza is just as fabulous, the crew working the same and the garlic knots...yes...they are still heaven. (sal's=best pizza EVER=6th and ave a) found a pretty rad r&r bar super divey and low key with a DJ and it's also quite huge down on a between 1st and 2nd = double down saloon. they had anti hippy spray it was pretty funny. beer....then escape to simone's for the world's best chocolate martini and damn good sangria. and oh yeah a bar of chocolate we picked up in gracefully (super yum gormet goodness on the way). pretty much the perfect night talking about escorts and lofts and the energy of the city. daniel is my partner in crime and he is also a pyromaniac.

waitress does a quick dance with the waitstaff and it's time for us to go. nothing ends a night like popcorn...but since shannon wasn't around to make me any i grabbed the next best thing (anything with white cheddar on it)....white cheddar popcorn. enter subway. eat popcorn. feed daniel. laugh so loud it made me laugh louder. say goodbye. put on headphones and check moment ever. next time you are alone riding home late night on the subway check in, put on the music and listen to 23 by jimmy eat world as loud as you can take it. nothing nothing nothing beats the subway rolling along and that song blaring. it was a moment of heaven. and i arrived home safe. and inwood is sleeping. and i am still living.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

little bits of love.

there are things. spaces. opportunities found and made here. that nowhere else can come close to giving me. today was the first taste of summer. there was beauty in the air even, sunlight, no humidity. one of those days i've experienced a million times in los angeles and just passed over, grumbling about the heat most likely. but a day like it's just heaven. it called for putting on the #6 dress and busting out all over the city. wandering. i can only wander like i do here and in paris...hours minutes all brings gift after gift after gift. head towards greenwich village, pass the most amazingly beautiful brownstowns, direct tourists, decide i'm not feeling it and watlz over to the LES to hit up the pink pony where i can sit for 2+ hours sipping on one cup of coffee, observe all the artists, smile at strangers and foreigners and write. write like i only do when i'm here. write deeply and with inspiration. ask and recieve and recognize that there's nothing left for me to do. that i am done trying. because everything i want is happening right NOW and i only have to ask and listen and keep moving to do exactly as i want to live exactly as i should.


current music: catherine feeny - touch back down

Saturday, April 21, 2007


there are fears
on my tongue
forming impressions
lasting wounds
and unquestionable values
I cannot undo what limbs
have passed before me
but I can walk
and seek revenge
on time and faith and


Thursday, April 19, 2007

honeycomb in manhattan

life in manhattan is different. not just out of the ordinary but extraordinarily different than living anywhere else in the world. for instance. i am sitting in the kitchen which holds many things, amongst me is a bookshelf six stories high packed with inspiration, photos, notes, alters and a clock even (set to paris time). a cat keeps me company on a newly imported dining room table that takes up most of the space but serves its purpose as my makeshift desk in my makeshift office. i can use the sink without even getting up as well as access the fridge which is 1/2 an arms reach away. i write to you while downing as much water as possible (i'm sick and tyring to flush out my system) and chomping on honeycomb and languishing on honey to heal the swollen glands in my throat. it just seemed like a simple moment that only manhattan could bring and i wanted to share.
love and baby kisses.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

shown me home

there is no reason
for fear to sit on skin
for method to underwrite action
freedom is the way the mind reads
the way the heart sings when no one
is watching
but everyone can hear
and I walk saving graces
to give back these places
that have opened
and shown me


how an airplane saved my life

you don’t realize how delirious lack of sleep can be. I go 40 hours without it. in that span witness packing, drinking, friends, dancing, and then a night and morning I could never have imagined. baby oil. that’s all I have to say. no really. that’s all. uuuuuuuuuh. I rule. I am sitting in the dallas airport.

I’m about to fly into a storm. no idea how long the flight out here was as I was asleep instantly despite the shrieking cries of the baby behind me. just those mere hours of sleep and honest, I’m like new. deprive yourself and the smallest amounts of what you lack are life saving. I will have to remember this. I currently live here. myself. present. no real address. again. it’s been three years. three years ago I was packing up and moving to nyc with Jessica. two years ago I was doing parson’s school of design summer intensive in manhattan but decided to relocate back to san Francisco DUH. and last summer I was trying not to drown in the tides of my own heart and aching desperately to leave san Francisco. today I am free. free of responsibility or ties to anything other than my self. my heart. my path. my art. so I am going home. where my heart lives. where I have always wanted to be and never let myself truly experience. I can hear the streets of avenue a and ludlow calling. i can see the scene unfolding. I can sense the anti-folk singing.
the photo journal has re-launched. so brace yourself. this women is ready to bring it to you. jameson fueled or not. it will come. and you will like it.

April 15, 2007
6:25 am dallas.tx

Sunday, April 01, 2007

the word...

I am me
I am alive
I am living
I am love
I am honest
I am truth
I am willing
I am free

you are love
you are freedom
you are lust
you are seeking
you are truth
you are rebellion
you are saddened
you are alive
you are breathing
you are beautiful
and free
from me

I love you.
all of you.