Sunday, April 29, 2007

a moment. a sound. some beer. and a bar.

if you were in the lower east side tonight…well…I either kissed you, had a beer with you or took your photo. tonight was a night to be loved. a moment to step into nyc. a face and a name and a bar called iggy’s. chris you are class. jay you rule for the beer the coffee and just watching out for me in general. Brandon? well I thought you were…you know…not into girls so I kissed you. but I guess I shoulda thought about it. cause I did challenge you to a fight off once we discovered we were both the same Amazonian height. the result? you picking me up and twirling me around in one arm. I almost died. even Amanda the bartender was worried. but I managed. I survived. and I kept drinking. and you are still too cute. and we will still end it at ‘to be continued’.

chris rules

aweee jay

I’m not sure we’re ready for the rest of this. a tiki bar turns into karaoke and then into a drag queen joint? too embarrassed for faces, I captured some groin comme feet action:

a moment is priceless. all ways.
i love jessica:

and don’t forget my feet. they are always in motion and always caught by my camera. tomorrow? we will see. but I’m sure I will be surprised. ..

but to end the night let us not forget the beauty joy and just plain ol randomness of street art/graffiti that has been seen throughout the day and displayed below...and of course giraffes. represent!
thank you LES for the day the night the pics and the etc etc etc. xoxokg.

bet you don't see clothing street painting everyday huh???

ain't nothing wrong with tha whisk-weeeee me likey

and nothing better than street art

and here's my kin (thank you piano's):

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