Sunday, February 19, 2006

and these days...

these days go on and on
history does not repeat
life is created in each instant, a fire, a miracle, a feast
i am alone this weekend and creating a mad web of friends on myspace, it's so addicting (help...!)
i'm also going through demo's from a borrowed 4track made in 2002 when i first started playing and writing
it is a trip. here's me playing over buckley's let's bomb the moonlight with a beer bottle on my guitar and two vocal tracks. i remember that day and the feeling it brought me
this is why i continue playing...
music has come up again brick and i have pushed through myself to continue
i will not give up
i thought i might take that road, the one of comforts and stability
but if i did that i might as well stop living right now because it's not worth it
nothing makes me feel like i do when singing...and therefor i am here
we recorded my last set at edinburgh castle a few weeks ago...and i realize i can finally own what i'm doing. it works
the visions in my head are just beginning to come out
stay tuned
the journal is revived
pics and words and general musings forthcoming
i love you.