Wednesday, December 13, 2006

erase or recreate?

I want to tell:
what taste
will touch
and what sound
will cave in
train the heart again…

if I give in
if I sand skin
will this truth
will this feeling
that I crave
erase or


there is a space
between hearts
long distance
wafting air
colored dreams.
there is no more silence
I can taste.
there is no more calm
to keep the pace.
I retrace love
drawing you down
into me.
never erased.
and claiming my love
instead of fate
I release and relax
and rephrase
myself tonight.

forgiveness not yet written.

there are pieces of myself
[skin wrapped tightly]
wedged between truth
and sincerity.
somewhere below me
you are sinking worth
with weight
and despair.
a cool calm child
calling me.
in answer I leave my heart.
a response still waiting
forgiveness not yet written.