Tuesday, May 01, 2007

it's time to remind you :: here's the list :: bring on the aliens

back in the day gussi came up with the fabu idea to just spell out a list of 'dream alien requirements' so as not to mistake any casual crushing for potential love interests. the result? the famous requirements. i've been known to say 'sorry you don't fit my requirements! read the list!' but that was only once, and it was really late and i think i had been drinking...i'm honestly not that mean. most of the time. in case you're curious and/or missed the bulletin here you go. let the games begin.

dream alien requirements:
should you meet these qualifications or know of someone who does please contact me immediately.

- rocks the combover
- has desire to share hairdye
- an alien-duh
- equiped with 2-3 eyeballs
- must own at least 2 pleather items of clothing
- prone to mood swings
- 6'3" or over
- hair covers 25% of your face
- must be an artist-preferably with a portfolio or sound bytes for quick reference
- skinny! skinny! skinny!
- pretty! pretty! pretty!
- occupied with something other than me so we don't have to hang out everyday
- born before july 22, 1978
- who needs a six pack when you could have a keg
- mild case of social anxiety

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

why I love the nyc subway : reason #1

forget thoughts of ease or swiftness or even the frugalness of it all. hands down the best and most basic perk of riding the nyc subway is your ability to unabashedly flirt with someone 50 ft away and not be faced with the danger of crashing into and possibly killing them with your car in the process. cars: two thumbs down, possible death trap. .subway: head to toe butterflies with no chance of running anyone over. score. sign me up.

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