Tuesday, January 08, 2008

what listens.

when you speak there is movement, listening. i remember this today. the words and actions of the universe have proven this to me. speak of lonely, just ask, and the plane shifts. today the words that have been spoken to me leave me utterly amazed. the heart of one so very far away, giving me such life in his way. in his snapshot. in his trust. in his return. [love exacted just i know it exists. i wish i could return it as he asks it of me.] and another, just a bit closer. a long lost call. the sweetest utterance. the call i needed at exactly such a moment to move into the evening which has proven to be just...a blatant reminder that every movement is heaven, that all that i do is all that i want and that it is finally all the same in action. thank you. thank you. thank you. it truly does not matter, any of these small smoke stacks, worry or misdeed. at the end of all this [and soon] i will have words and sounds for ears with my name on it. he has said yes. he has said love. and i am just...so...so... grateful for every single step i've taken to get here. i love you. all. especially tonight. especially right now. [you know who you are]. more soon. [i know this is cryptic]. ecstatic. the end. [thank you david and ben. for coloring my world today with your words.]



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