Friday, March 09, 2007

one step. two. (she says...)

sillyness. my neck is throbing. i went to bed at 6am and i am awake. half comatose. last night was the best night i've had in a long time. and much needed. seeds are still missing. hearts are still longing. my face is still awash without color. i might never satiate. i may always want. i may never know again. i may always hold something so dear and so close and never taste it again. i hope my hands remember to touch. i hope my face remembers to feel. i hope that fire finds me again and wins me over. i want to see the snow. i want to rid myself of this culture of disgust and apathy that i was born into. i want my american skin to feel french air again and irish sea. i need it to clean my blood. i need to go home. december will not come soon enough. and i am wondering....will i have anything to show...?

one step. two. (she says she says she says...)


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