Thursday, May 03, 2007

dance. dance. dance.

nothing better than walking into a party and the first two songs are tony and the beat then house of jealous lovers. you know you are home and you know you are in good hands. after an okay show at the living room, french onion soup and three yes 3 cups of coffee at the pink pony kimmy kim wanders over to the sutra party on 1st and 1st. uh. yeah. it was almost like being teleported home back to safari sams. paparazzi did not make an appearance tonight, i had to try and fit it mwahahha but next week it'll be on. highlights included a fight where a guy nearly got thrown on top of me, good thing i'm quick, lots of hand clapping, free vodka, excellent dj (dimitri? not sure but i love him) wild and silly dressed peeps, boys with hair in their face and finally a dance off (not to be confused with a dance-fight!) where i got twirled around and around and think i met the only hipster who could out dance me. he was like pulling out some arm spinning ballroom shite how am i supposed to know how to do that?? when in doubt grab on and laugh. exactly.
and oh yeah sleep is sooooo overrated i'm not even tired yet.
train ride home? ready?
hit the f. one stop in guy from club who was dancing next to me all night gets on. make friend. transfer to a. train catches on fire. wait at 59th. see guy from club with fox stole and bindi on. make friends. get on new not on fire train. man throws up. not attractive i KNOW. scary homeless man picking his face on other end of train. kim puts on thou shall always kill and has dance party in her head. laughs about the night. marvels that there are over 10 people in the car and it's nearly 4am. almost die when a lady who has to be at least 70 wearing a head to toe pink jumpsuit and sandals gets on train. whut? where's she possibly going at 4am gramma?? kim arrives at last stop with two sleeping men. walk walk. now i'm home. kim needs to get a knife. kim loves to dance. kim misses her lala girlies and can't wait for mili to come may 24th. love love love. the end.

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