Monday, April 14, 2008

post clown camp. the 'pretty sure' update.

i'm pretty sure i should not be allowed out in public alone and then drink a lot of tequila. i'm just sayin....

i'm pretty sure i have about 7 mysterious bruises that i've acquired since arriving back in nyc

i'm pretty sure i'm fairly apathetic about being home. which is a strange feeling. especially alarming if you know me at all....

i'm pretty sure canada is inspiring me right now

i'm pretty sure i'll be back in CA this time up north the first few days of may

i'm pretty sure clown camp east coast needs to be happening asap

i'm pretty sure life rules even though i can't barely function at the moment (this having something to do with being mia for 2 days and no one noticing!?)

i'm pretty sure i'm happy to be home with my mongo

i'm pretty sure i am missing clown 1 and 2, ichabod and the crew A LOT

i'm pretty sure i love you.




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