Wednesday, April 02, 2008


these small spaces. where love gets in. the inevitable crack. the release of need and the approach of all that is. no matter what skin you may see. no matter what skin you may eat. the face of my will in this mirror. the singe of such need. still ever apparent. i will always. hold. the trust of my soul. in your eyes. the need of such beauty to be released. and only you would know. and only you could see. so silent. in this. space. i release. i wait. i function. with a balanced act. of intuition. lasting lust. beauty. truth. and you. always. coming back. to you.



Blogger larry said...

within which we live. as a creeping vine. of strength revealed. where need wants not but is nonetheless. you. you. as I'm standing behind you. as a sunset revealed. within hope lies strength. always. as it lies in your hands. as. you. see. me. and within flight lies a landing. but still soaring within. you stand. in a window. viewed through the tears. in the eyes of god. you. you.

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