Thursday, March 06, 2008

finally... the space between...finds silence, blinding. it aches where no one sees. where cause and effect dance at last and again place want inside fingers that have lusted so long for this freedom. if you witness my last breath would you know the secrets...longing... directing my movement all these years? would you see the actions of my heart on display in overarching color, worlds of words walking your way? could it ever be any more simple than this? right now? in this present moment? to forgive...and forge ahead with everything i have to you and us in this brilliance in this recognizant world in this glorious birth of standing alone on my own two feet. such simplicity. such sanity. such clarity. finally.



Blogger Curly Sue said...

it aches where no one sees. - totally been there. Love the moment of clarity when u wonder what all the fuss was about

12:35 PM  

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