Thursday, October 04, 2007

standing 5 feet from 11 humongous speakers

i was 3 feet from the stage and about 5 feet from a wall of speakers. i can't really hear right now. but i sang and danced and jumped with my keys hanging from my pocket [sorry shannon]. banquet. blue light. modern love. i don't know your names but you are one of my favorite bands. bloc party. thank you for madison square garden tonight. thank you for bringing sounds to make me move and forget thought for an hour and a half. you know how much i love you just weren't all there tonight. me thinks you like london. perhaps sitting in your flat writing and drinking and singing and tweaking. the cute lil bass player...i thought he might start yawning. poor guy looked like he wanted nothing more than to be curled up with his wife at home. and emo guitar man? i like how your hair covered all your face but you were more than shy. the only expression you ever betrayed was a 1/2 second wave at the end of the night. now mr drummer man. you were kinda into it. you got us clapping a few times. and handed out your drum sticks and water bottles at the end of the set. i think you were happy to be there. and well thank god for you singer/guitarist/savior of my soul at times. if you hadn't asked us to sing along, let us have a solo during blue light and ran a lap around the entire theatre during the encore i might have forgot this was a rock show. bottom line and truth be were all beautiful. honest. i love you. i didn't feel my soul being ripped out and reassembled as i do when i see matthew, chris and dominic. but not everyone can do that. and well...your cd's are so beautiful that i forgive you for everything. thank you nyc for another amazing evening.

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Blogger Curly Sue said...

me thinks Kim hearts NYC... now you are never going back to Cali!

12:06 PM  

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