Monday, October 22, 2007

gush time [the editors.]

music. it's been mulling around in all shapes and forms these days. what's good. what's decent. what's life changing earth shattering. what's not just total and utter bullshite. standing outside of piano's this weekend amid a gang of uk hipsters running amok to see gawd only knows who...i was pleasantly surprised by the conversation i overheard. not too-cool kids discussing their love of some overrated band that we will all forget about next month...oh no. they were discussing their disdain for all the 'funny music' being produced. now this is truth. so much of what is hitting the lines these days is quite simply comedy. it's like, how many more times do i need to see a band in their underwear dancing on stage and talking about bubble gum or washing dishes with their mom or repeating the same line over and over again but backing it with a danceable beat so now it's ok and justified to put out on a cd and put on live shows???

i'm so glad i'm not the only one bored by this...[yes i was beginning to worry]

now the kim moment. and what brings me to my need to post today.

the editors.

when first listening to their new album 'the end has a start' i had the same immediate reaction i had to interpol [ugh, joy division rip off]. last week i downloaded the album since my good and trusted friend has been raving about it [hi, i have oh maybe 2 friends whose music taste i trust and when they speak i listen...]. first song comes on, [ugh, interpol rip off]. now i guess i should clarify that i went on to fall in love with interpols second album and took back every sly remark made against them. perhaps with bands such as this it takes two albums. in any case. the editors. holy fucking god dammit beautiful. finally. music that is heady, inspired, dark and morose dealing with the fear of survival and the mysteries and pains tied to death and the horrors occurring every moment in this world right now. and the sheer uplifting beauty that comes from living with, in and through it. it is neither depressing nor distracting. it is honest. painful. and gorgeous.

i can't stop listening.

have some. please. put on your headphones and if you are not convinced try again in a week. i swear. it will own you.

put your head towards the air
well worn hand

[i'd also like to shout out kitchenware records their small uk label. really can work!!]

love and lifted. xokg.

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