Tuesday, September 04, 2007

bruised knees and sock puppets

random? yes. so here you go:

tired. and why? i spent at least 1.5 days in bed this weekend and i'm still just not with it.
3am bedtimes? why are you failing me?

my knees are extremely bruised. apparently bicycles locked to scaffolding are extremely dangerous. stay away. girl fall down go boom.

meridith likes socks. james likes to put makeup on them. call them simone. and make them sing 'ne me quitte pas'. any questions why i'm friends with these people? that's what i thought.

i like to play with our sock puppet simone while meridith sleeps and watch showtime original series. i love meridiths loft. and blueberry beer. and dummy drunks who think moving to los angeles is cool. doods. your $10k/month house on the beach is not going to magnetize every cool person in lala land to you. but it's a funny idea. good luck.

dear brain
please work soon
or teleport me to the nearest bed
canal and mercer is NOT that far.

love you. don't wanna be on you. my girlfriends and one diva rule. amazing brunch. daniel thank you for cooking up a storm and breakin in the apartment kitchen. michael thanks for showing up in a suit for all of 3.5 minutes to drop of champagne. val. 4 days mamma. then you are mine. i love you.



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