Friday, September 28, 2007

bliss [aka, the ny deli]

it's time to revisit this subject.
the new york city deli.
and what men do with eggs and cheese.
i'm not even a big fan of eggs. i rarely eat them but on morning like today [read: little sleep for 3 weeks straight now, coming off a best friend visit, a sister in town and two nights with shiny toy guns....] eggs and cheese and katsup and strong ethiopian coffee from porto rico imports [a reason for living] is much needed.
hallelujah. praise new york. these seemingly small things are entirely NOT over-rated. that i can stumble over to the deli and pay $2 for such a delectable life changing breakfast...well it just kinda makes me feel like the luckiest california transplant ever. i love you nyc. woot.




Blogger Curly Sue said...

umm yeah, NYC Breakfasts keep me from moving!!

11:09 AM  

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