Thursday, July 19, 2007

wow. really? (my head hurts and other fun stories)

let's begin with a side note ---> only in new york do they not only make your coffee for you adding the perfect amount of cream and sugar in an instant...but they place it ever so kindly in a paper bag with napkins and hand it to you.
so strange.
i'm lovin it.

ok back to my head.
it's hurting. a lot. a ton. mucho. beaucoup.
i narrowly escaped turning into a gremlin.
shannon is in town and trouble is already loose.
we headed out to see the james armata show last night (um. heaven. if you haven't seen him you are missing out. ps. crazy drunk irish people are not the authority on channeling k thanks. i am.)

despite our best effort to see the show then head straight home so we could get shannon to bed since she hadn't really slept or eaten in about two days...well.....we.....ended up drinking. let's, beer, whiskey (omg i'm so sorry jameson i cheated on you but he wasn't irish so does it really count???), jager, vodka. repeat. and no, i'm NOT wondering why my head hurts so bad today. but thanks for asking. (5am bedtimes are nifty.)

i'm not going to explain much more. photos tell a much better story. let's just say that telecasters rule. unborn alien babies drool. and i love everyone. even you.


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