Monday, July 23, 2007

state of affairs.

ok where to start. my head does not hurt but i am bruised. and my eyes won't focus and my inner organs are shaking. part joy of living part lack of sleep part being in love with the adds up indeed. i think nyc has taken to me quite well. i've spent 3 of my last four birthdays here and they just keep getting better. photos. coming. soon. more. right. now. too preoccupied trying not to fall over to post :)

thank you all for this beautiful weekend. i love you. shannon. dad. meridith. dawn. jeff. alex. jen. bacon. michael. jess. jessica. taly. james. gerry. suzanne. joey. strangers. and new friends. oh yeah. ps. dancing at 4am to garth brooks and being swirled around on the dance floor then having your partner slide across the floor on his knees to you a la dirty dancing patrick swayze style? hot. i love everyone (i think i said that already)...

this week? solo show at my 2nd favorite dive bar (julep/guero) on wednesday. come on. disco balls, candles and vintage furnature? bring it.
*find an apartment*yoga*sleep*
and tonight? fried pickles.



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