Wednesday, June 13, 2007

warm sweet nuts.

this is a subject i have not yet introduced on this here blog. the nut man. essentially new york. often referred too in passing conversation when mentioning my perfume (long story) and now making my afternoon perfection....only in nyc can you get warm sweet yummy delicious nuts. for a buck. ohhhhhhh yes. i am a happy girl.

today i had a 'this is insanity' day. the streets in midtown manhattan are pretty funny. enter the labyrinth. waiting for the light to change. suddenly you are crossing a street, 100 people flowing into another 100 people, some wandering aimless, threatening to unobservantly bump into you, some charging ahead with the same fierceness in their eyes as you, both of us moving to the side in perfect union to avoid the other, some just rushing, oblivious, certain to crash into you if you don't leap aside. sometimes it's hard to remember that life is not that serious. that the extra minute you save walking as fast as humanly possible is not really that

okay time to get back to my nuts...



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