Friday, June 29, 2007

reunited. and it feels so good.

after a brief stint on tour. my purse and i have been reunited. the united baggage ticket speaks of her harsh but fulfilling journey into unknown hands and lands. and her contents remain intact, miracle of miracles:

new sunglasses. new thich nhat han book (true love). new paulo coelho book (the witch of portobello). journal (not lil notes journal, full on journal i've taken into other countries with my life written in it!), unlimited subway card, atm card, checkbook, note with all bank information on it, drivers license, stg/kh favorite hat, apt keys, burnt orange ribbon, $24, lipgloss, mascara, compact, lotion, camera, cell phone (uhm i wuv my blackberry), camera (paparazzi is back!), dental floss, contacts case, amber oil, and a few misc papers.


thank you kenny, carah, jeremy, mikey and jim for making this possible ;)

and thank you whisk-wee. i will not be needing your services for some time now!

don't worry kids. this is just the beginning.


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