Monday, June 18, 2007

only in new york - the street proposition

only in nyc can you walk down the street at 9am and be propositioned. not your normal 'hey baby' or whistle that every man in nyc seems to do to every woman able to walk...but a real 'wow, is this stalking?' moment. i mean. if i glance at you when you start talking to me and see that you are a little minion of a man and in no way shape or form am i interested in you and keep on walking, what dna strand is activated that tells you to follow me and while walking behind me explain in grand detail what you think about me...describing my outfit and explaining to me every single thing you like about the way i look. and then after 4 blocks and i still have not acknowledged your presence or that you are speaking to me, what defective brain cell decides to tell me your name and phone number out loud twice with alternating declarations that you will give me everything i want and do anything i ask? and that you'll treat me real nice?? hmmm? is there a special nyc school for men that they don't tell us women about? cause it would really be great to know how to respond or what to say to let you know we're not interested. i'm not even sure if i'm flattered or not. i was almost too tired to even react. and i was ready to hit you should it be necessary. but then you left me at the corner of 34th and 7th. miraculously. after once last mention of your name, phone number and where you live. it was funny. for just a moment. but seriously? only in new york. (ok and maybe paris). xokg.


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