Wednesday, June 06, 2007

pet squirrels?? (only in manhattan...!)

squirrels. squirrels. squirrels. 4 days in the new apartment. 4 days in the village. every afternoon i see a squirrel (and i like to pretend it's the same one, and i name him scooter), so every afternoon i see scooter climb up the fire escape of the building across the street then scuttle up this tiny little wire that takes him up to the roof. it is here he unabashedly runs amok and back and forth then back down the fire escape and then back up. i'm talking 5 stories, brick, old school east village apartment building. he is not messing around. it's amazing the fearlessness this little guy has. i'm in manhattan and there are squirrels! hoorah!

but there's more!

yesterday my apartment had a visitor. i'm calling her nancy. i think she is the lover/stalker/possible soul mate of scooter but that's still up for debate. nancy tried to come into the apartment when i got home. she literally had her foot in the door off the balcony until i yelped at her. so what does she do? hop across the balcony to the fire escape and then attempt entry through the window. ummmmm hewo! this is not a home for squirrels. i mean i know lower manhattan is not exactly your wild wilderness of a habitat but you're really taking domestication a bit too far.

pet squirrels?

i guess it's possible. anything goes here. but really. i don't need rabies. it's bad enough worrying bout the men i'm dating. mwahahha.



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