Friday, June 22, 2007

let's recap

okay let's have a little random check in with kim

housing. i'm moving in a week. next friday to be exact. where? i have no idea. maybe in with another friend. maybe into my own palce. maybe a sublet. oh how i love the housing adventure. story of my life. always amazing to me how perfectly it works out.

doc holiday's. this bar is a vortex. meridith is my girlfriend. i've got all my peeps to come out there on thursday's. brandon even. kisses. yummies. i love everyone. dawn is my hero and my strength right now. hey i even went and hid in the back room sitting on beer boxes next to the ice machine to talk on my phone. about what i don't recall. but i know it was my heart. and i know she was listening.

shinys. they'll be here on monday and i'm so freakin excited i'd jump up and down if i thought i could without falling over (yes it was one of those nights).

i figured out the best way to make up with someone you're fighting with is to get naked.

the end.


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