Friday, May 25, 2007

warning sign : danger

I should come with a warning sign: danger do not remove from manhattan. the static comes. the volume goes down. the echoes never end. when Im not home the spaces in my heart scream so loud it drowns out the color. when I touch back down I am amplified and every possibility and thought of passion takes a hold and charges ahead. comfort brought by simply being. by stepping softly. by running swiftly. worry dissipates. hysteria is vanquished. all that exists is this possibility, this energy that is home. the sheer volume of feet and eyes that have penetrated this city, owned it , built it, created within it, from it, passed through itall of this is held here. all of this brings warmth and kindles a relationship to the city that no other place can ever hope to touch. new york city I love you. you are my forever love.



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