Thursday, May 10, 2007

it's a contest. i win i win i win.

itís 1145. I havenít gone to bed yet. I donít think. have I? I win. sexy bitch. thatís all i have to say. when you happen upon 3rd and b you enter heaven. I ate prime rib cause it looked gooooooooooooood. the spicy candy yams were kinda heaven. robís sangria was so good we drank a pitcher. drunken cherry cheesecake with blueberry vodka topping? yeah. sign me up. daisy is the sexy bitch and she was purty cute. uhhhh. biggest bottle of champagne ever. happy birthday jim. suko? I donít know the name but lounge booth and effen vodka I almost turned into a gremlin but i remained intact. I rule. aliens drule (yes I like it spelled that way) your mom your face and you are. the end. the rest is a secret.


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