Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Druid Princess and the Madness of Flight

I am a path of
Limbs breaking in terror
To the sound my mouth makes
In silent personification
Of your sufferings.
I am saintly
A master
In your face I am e g o
To your body I am P o w e r
Harnessed and unyielding for I am
A child raised with fear
Nodding off in silent habitation
Pissing on every corner
For the joy of freedom
No longer masked by unmarked
I am the druidic priestess
Calm and angered by your limbs
Which pull on me
Strange and human…holy
And unbounded.
Wake me no more from
this present reality
No more

Many days I was, raised in fear, as if the wolves might come to me again. And what if I remember? Who would believe my cries then? Where would I hide the snakes that speak to me if my father should ask of the voices? I am not distanced from my loves, I am only aware of my self in a state of consciousness that runs through my veins, caustic and rampant…I am alive and the color of my blood sheds this truth to me with the dawning of each new moon.

Breathe with me here in this moment.
Be with me here.

Time is the irrelevant spark of the soul that traverses space and imagination, connecting us all to the will of the divine: cosmic consciousness bears no grudge against her…time lingers and joins hands with many a race and word and deed…too numerous to count. Why would I even want to? I am not that voice. I am weary, tired my mouth is from screaming empty shades of nothing into the voided atmosphere of tempered fear…this was the way of my family, this is not the way of my heart. Screams of anger rise short and fall…chest heaving, I am silent again, my eyes expressive and ever changing. I am water. My body, breeding, is made of fire-the dualistic miracle of which I am now just coming upon.

My hands sometimes shake, not with warmth or glamour but vibrations that prick and tingle, remaining for many moments, holding my fixated interest-pinning my eyes with divine discovery.

I can heal. This is my message.
I am you. This is my truth.

Together I am with many kin, walking and waking…sharing in my breath secrets, time, age and flustered reality. Tell me, which of what I choose is real? Which slice of vision is perfection? I can sit for hours but the room melts and I find that air spins beyond my control; all I have left to do is continue breathing, to gain the rights back into my body. I am human now, this time…feelings of warmth mingle with the swords which bring cold fires into my chest…haunting my heart and unnamed memories. It is through all of this that I communicate.

Through this fear…
I am Fear.
Through this pain…
I am Pain.
I am unbearable…unending Joy.
This life I am…beauty.
I am man, sex, sage, fuel, fire…
fantastical illusion of life I am…
burning all of life for you.

I am your muse.

Fear not the freedom of being… a C r e a t o r.




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