Thursday, September 07, 2006

hmmm. lala land and starbucks.

it's true
i liveat starbucks
my stuff is packed in boxes and 1/2 of it is in san francisco and half of it is in my sister's trunk
when i get up in the morning i drive to burbank and sit in starbucks working remote to my job in SF for hours while contemplating the infinity of choices before me
i long to sit with my guitar in a room all my own and practice for the show on tuesday
i want to go dance in the ocean and run in the sand that is so close to me in santa monica
i want to sit with friends and drink wine and laugh hysterically at how fabulous life is and how luxurious it feels to be free and with every opportunity to make my dreams come true at my fingertips
i am watching myself live and it is surprising me day in and out
i know that travel and surprise and spontenaity are on the rise
i know what i want
and who i am
after all these tears and times and waiting and running and hiding and digging
and i miss you
all of you i've seen in the last day all of those i have missed for years that i might never see again
everyone that i love
which is every one of you
life is good
it always is
and i cherish these moments when i can actually see it feel it touch and taste it

big hugs (or higs) to all of you



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