Monday, August 07, 2006

sound never dies.

this journal. that blog. so many places to record thoughts.
my morning pages. on myspace. on my website. here.
i realize today that sound doesn't die. that space is always filled again and again with endless variations of thought, word, deed and feeling.

a deep well of sadness turns to anger. if vulchers could find you...ha.
and then release. a week of endless joy and entertainment...laughing and forgetting sleep to make up for all the happiness i looked less upon this past year. i had an entire year of fun in one week. it was blessing heaped upon blessing.
thank you.

i have started to clean. i am packing. i am moving. i cannot wait. this stale city i was holding my breath for. how silly of me. i can laugh at myself and smile gently. thank god. or i would have killed myself so easily these past weeks.
i thought on it.
but laughter always won out.

thank you nyc for the blessings of friendship and opportunity. thank you los angeles for the purpose and promise of music and love. thank you san francisco for blanketing me with warmth and comfort. i have no need of you any more. no need of you at all.



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