Sunday, January 23, 2005


i have lots of pictures to share
more so than stories
the faces and sunlight tell much more than my silly little antedotes
i snuck off to new york city last was a treasure. filled with snow and friends and even a bit of heart has been warmed and sends its thanks
interpret at will:

bye bye sf:

hello 207th ny...

you all know i love graffitti....
i found various ' you' tags in this hand throughout the city...lovely i tell you

this one is almost as cool, but made cuter by the boy in the right hand corner...don't you think?

walking around and around new parts of nyc, or any city for that matter has got to be one of my favorite things to brings even more smiles in good company. slow dancing in grand central station ain't so bad either...mmmhmmmm

good times...

as tradition would have it, a night out with amman was in order...
amman, like me, loves ze garlic knots at sal's YUMMY

we also discovered the chocolate martini's at simone's are THE BEST!!! so are the curtains and overall decor of that beautiful bar on the corner of st, marks at 1st...uh huh....

it did snow, but only the last night...and it was a welcomed charm, full of smiles and grace

dear god was it cold though...and the late night coupled with weird weather brought about very strange photos indeed:

the cloisters were a beautiful sight though by that point jess and i were so cold i didn't really freaking care!!!

okay i'm sure that's enough for now...
getting restless, time to step away from the computer.
happy living!



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