Saturday, November 27, 2004

brrrrrrr argh argh

i'm in colorado for thanksgiving. there has been snow and chill...lots of coffee and reading. i can't seem to get anything done but i'm learnign to let go of that. looking forward to playing a few shows in december and then finally settling again, getting an apartment and working on my portfolio so i can go back to school. if only i could decide which coast to stay on...
darkness has settled onto my skin. not in a morbid depressing way but in a rainclouds are approaching way. i need some serious alone time and i'm not seeing it in my future since i don't have a pad to call 'home'. so...i suppose i will just have to scratch the surface and keep treading water. and let love slip by again.
nothing much to report. i'm still hibernating in my own way and just might forever or so it feels...looking forward to heading back to sf in a week, i miss so many of you! until then. stay warm.



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