Tuesday, October 05, 2004


there is soooo much to report
explainations as to why i have over 20 new bruises, teeth marks on the back of my shoulder and a missing toenail
for now let's deal in the short story so i can go to sleep. hopefully after one more day i'llbe recovered and able to do something.

today i had hopes until i ran into joey who i haven't seen in close to 3 years and every time i tried to leave the pizza place he filled up my beer glass so it was impossible to leave. i love reunions :)

pictures of the casualties and craziness from the weekend soon...(hot snakes! dan, sarah, edinburgh, love parade... cute/drunk irish boys named patrick)
and oh yeah
most recently -
catching up with john tonight at the bar down the street...trying to leave...got grabbed and kissed by the resident drunk girl. that was...ah...not so fun. i am only okay initiating that not being bombarded with it. ha. never a dull moment these days
nighty night.
love love
kiss kiss



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