Saturday, September 25, 2004


okay you are ALL in big BIG trouble!!!
everyone i know or have known in the past two are now part of one of my new have been forewarned
i'm about to put up (finally) photo albums of all the pictures i've been taking in the last few years. this means you. you know who you are.

i took a picture of you at the jeff buckley tribute, at your club deluxe show, at edinburgh castle, at kimos, in new york city, in san franciso, in los angeles, at tongue and groove...drinking whiskey, running down the street screaming, hiding in a booth...on a boat, on the street, at that house a bar. you were drinking, you were laughing, you were kissing me, drunk and reading a book on my were playing music that made me believe in humanity were dying, living and were my friend, my lover, my new aquaintance...we shared tears, smiles, secrets, synchronicity.

i want you to remember. i want to relive. i want to share...soon i will launch these photo albums...nothing fancy...but they will be online, live, and i will send you the link. it will be fun. or you may hate me for sharing. but either way it is happening. and life will expand. and the music will continue.

for now i share the joys from last night.
ben with his marvelous paintings.
dave and i laughing at seeing each other again (thank you muse! hahahha)
and the strange phenomenon of green christmas lights at

big love and happy birthday to tony today.



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