Wednesday, September 01, 2004


it's september and that kristin hersh song 'the letter' comes to insane beautiful
it's midnight. just went out with tony, hit up sparky's then deluxe to see john and then margaret and hear this rad 10 minute blissed out tune about a frog named jack. imagine - a guy's best friend is a frog, his own tent, flying the kite, all of it....damn. guess you had to be there.

i'm headed home alone in a few hours. by home i mean my mom's county then vegas. see some friends, chill in the backyard drinking beer and eating good food with my sister! decide that things were too inconsistent with brian to warrant bringing him home. communication should not be so difficult or unstable...the last few days i'm been completely tense and felt like my belly was going to eat itself. but it released today.
i think just seeing tony and staying at cellspace helped...comfort...i've known him the longest in sf, i guess close to 4 years now and our times are always easy kick back beer drinking grubbing shoot the shit times. goodness. and i'm in heaven having some private time in a cozy place, not a hotel...yipppeeeeee. to think that four years ago i was dancing like a maniac to lorin in this werehouse meeting so many beautiful souls for the first time, and now i'm sleeping here...i love the circles and cycles of choas that fate brings.

there's more to report but i'll save that for when my head is a bit more clear and not just spewing my overflowing brewed thoughts at you...that's not so fun...
much love to you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ill be in san fran on the 9th for a week. Lets hang out!
(914) 275-1844

3:55 AM  

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