Saturday, September 25, 2004


i love when everything falls into place. and knowing tomorrow could throw me right back or bring me does not matter. at this moment i am happy. this night was perfect. it was exactly what i needed for like a hundred reasons. i hung out with old friends. i learned to bartend. i got to hang out somewhere i used to work and where i had so many beautiful nights and i got to share in my crazed excitement for muse AND pj harvey
what more could a girl searching for life ask for?
thank you ben, kimo's, the bands that played, harlow, and dave.
i got to have a total freak out girly moment about music and what i love and have that returned. it is making me smile and laugh even now. i got to serve beer to cute wondrous men who know virgin mega whore and the saga that surrounds/ed much synchronicity i can no longer wonder about the placement of myself in this space and time
it is perfect
i thank you
thank you for love
for lust
for wanting
for music
for seeking
for truth.

yesterday i walked to edinburgh castle to see sacha, todd, john and alex play. i was completely down. i could not find faith or hope in people or the course of life circling around me. the music that i heard reminded me...brought back the faith in life that i cling to...add that to the beauty and spontaneity of tonight and i just shrug my shoulders and smirk at the face of god reflected to me. all is well...angels do sleep beneath my pillow
and peace does find joy at just the right moment.

thank you jeff, pj, nick, john, joni, fred, tim and all the rest.
it is a day to celebrate. a moment to want. a peace to have.


pics from tonight to follow...just as soon as i sleep a few hours and then awake to run amok all weekend long
love love love you.


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