Wednesday, September 22, 2004

jumping up and down

muse last night was a beautiful beautiful thing
i should be there right now seeing them again in davis...but i couldn't bring myself to go
so i've got them on full blast...dead star and futurism are just the sea and the sand to me
god they rock so much
it was madness up near the stage. i even got thrown on the ground. but some nice girl helped me up before the legs that were flailing past my face actually hit me!
my arms aren't looking so pretty today:

not the best picture i KNOW and there's more...but that's all you get. i didn't bring my camera cause i knew i'd get distracted and that if it was in my pocket it might actually wound me in the crowd :) my sister called during the show and i held up the phone then the mosh pit began and i started screaming 'i'm going to die' and hung up.
don't get me was rad. just to be right up to the stage and see them all doing their thing. and matthew kept prancing around like a pony which was hilarious. those three men deserve a place in rock history and i believe they are well on their way. i've been a fan for four years now and finally see them selling out venues and actually playing in the states. there is a god.

okay okay enough rambling loveness about muse. you all know already how i feel :)

i took today off work and spent time going through songs, playing guitar. trying to find meaning again. that seed of doubt, the questions are back. i don't know what light to shine or even if it deserves a place in this world. i hope i take enough time to be what i'm here to be...



Blogger ~:B:~ said...

omg....Muse played here in SF last night?
harsh. I missed it.
I'm glad to hear it went off. v. good.
nice bruise. ;)

c u


7:29 PM  

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