Monday, July 26, 2004

what day is it?

okay kids.
meet brian

now i can't really say too much about him cause i know he'll be reading this at some point, haha. so you'll just have to use your imagination...
i spent most of the weekend with him, shopping on canal street and laughing at everyone with their LV bags...eating lots of food too late in the afternoon, drinking brooklyn lager and even seeing new jersey.
oh yeah here's us in a bathroom. too funny. having a camera makes me feel like a secret ninja spy

yesterday we went and took the staten island ferry...see how beautiful manhattan is!!! god i love it...

and what's the best about this ferry is that it's not filled with funny tourists, and it's FREE. see why i love the staten island ferry? seeeee???
hey, window reflections are so cool...

okay i'll stop tormenting you...
moving along.
i still haven't looked for a job. i really really need to or i won't be able to eat in about two weeks,let alone try and move into a new apartment. i really really really want to find a place near here. i can't bear to be anywhere else...cross your fingers. hmmmmm.

in other news, i'm 26 now and it feels no different at all. i am doing exactly what i want and am exactly where i want to be. that is the fucking greatest feeling ever. there is no more longing in my heart.
omg this next picture cracks me sister and i went to piano's after dinner with jess on my bday and she took this pic. i look like i'm completely about to fall over, like some crazed bukowski drunk, but i'm not and that's what cracks me up. i wonder if you are enjoying these pics as much as me? it's a novelty still...this whole digital world i can share so easily....anyway

pink meat played a show at the luna lounge on friday. we rocked it. i had so much fun playing drums. i finally feel like i can play and i don't get nervous, not at was insano hot and raining and craziness. i still say that i am not a drummer, i just drum...we'll see what happens with all that. no pics of the show, but here's pre-show

okay i think i should be off, go take a bath and then grub on some pizza before playing some guitar and laying down some more tracks. the demo is coming along. the levels are off a bit bt what can you do when recording in a room with just a live take on the computer?'ll hear it soon...i'll post one or two as soon as they are 'done'.

xo and all that loveliness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i looooooooooooooove you. the boy is cute. and TALL! (always a good thing for amazons like us.)

you are a(muse)ing. ta ta!

muppet monkey

8:31 PM  

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