Monday, July 19, 2004

wearing a white tshirt - caught in the rain

dude i do not know where to start
the last 5 days have been insane. me no longer sick, just a little stuffy still which sucks cause i was trying to record shit. but i'm learning that lovely virtue called patience
my sister came for a visit and i never knew how much fun we could have together. we've grown really close in the last year or so and to be able to run amok, go drinking and be boy crazy with her was so fun!!! :)
we had a few memorable evenings which included seeing the rad band MYTVs at arlene's grocery - they rock and are cool guys...check them!!!

that night included jagermeister, boys i don't know acting like they did, making out in a bathroom, meeting about 25 new peeps, handing out fliers for my upcoming show drumming for pink meaet this friday at the luna lounge, eating breakfast at 6am and finally going to bed at 7am. that was just one night. here were our breakfast buddies

jesus it's been a long time since i had that much fun in one night. and oh yeah, how cute are my sister shannon and i???

i had a great realization this week - that i need to stop going after quiet, boring, calm boys. it'll only break me again. compromise is no good. i'm glad i'm over that :) my criteria now is someone who will run down the street screaming with me, not just look on and laugh... :)

our other nights included normal type events for me such as being in a crowded bar with a bunch of retarded people and spoting the one guy i could tell was cool all the way across the room. being in a mood, i walked right over to him and just said hi. and then he was like, you're a burner, you've gone to burning man huh? it was really funny. needless to say it was a fun night with COOL people, not just a drunken lame fest.

other activities included seeing more bands, drinking more, eating SOOO much, hitting up the coney island siren festival to check out death cab for cutie and blonde redhead. but people were all retarded and not respecting the music and it was too crowded so pretty impossible to enjoy.

coney island was a trip, sooo good to see the ocean and put my feet in and walk in sand. it was like a giant freak show carnival, surreal in a really cool kinda way. i ran into the few peeps i knew there though which was crazy...eric is in town and i haven't seen him since MAY! i missed my boy!!!!!!

this is how much he missed me:

hhahaha. we were hanging at his friend's house (MIKE) for his bday...first thing eric does is take that picture. duuuuuuuh
it was fun to talk in shisk language and beat each other up. i'll be stoked when he moves her in september and we can run around spitting 'precious' all the time. it's good not to be the only wierdo alive.

so much more but i think this is enough stimulation for now.
now that i'm better i'll be posting more often again and finally getting the site up. i know i know i'm late!
the demo is coming along. writing some cool guitar parts for my songs which is quite an adventure for me...i didn't know i had that in me.
be good.
listen to MUSE and remember how beautiful the world is...

omg wait how could i have forgotten. today me jessica and shannon went to see king arthur and when we got out it was POURING, like POURING!!! i was wearing a white tshirt and my newfound love of the white bra. yeah. i started dancing and running down the street laughing like i always do in the rain since i am anti unbrella girl. it was damn funny. i was drenched by the time i made it to guitar center to buy sticks and walked in looking like a maniac with my wet hair and clothes and barking 'where are the drums!' i got some pretty funny stares.

hahaha. okay anyway. enough for tonight. whoever is reading this...i miss you! :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so, so beautiful. I wish so much that I could be there with you... even as a shadow, to watch you being the person you were always meant to be. Don't ever let go. I love you--Laura (in a wistful mood)

4:07 PM  

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