Saturday, July 03, 2004

in all fairness - the ridiculous.

okay. so. where to begin...i have been drawn into the world of pastels. black is no longer an option and i'm determined to blame the heat for this change in my being. what other logical explanation could there be? here is proof of my debase behavior:

now...moving on to last night. had first practice since i've been back with pink meat, just me taly and lisa. it was goodness. i cracked another stick and we have three news songs that are coming along and i must reveal, sound a lot like hard hitting slow-metal songs. it's pretty rad. after sweating like a monkey in funkadelic studios we headed out to l'express where we feasted and drank to celebrate being in one city together, again, finally and that lisa got employee of the month, again and had lots of money to spend :) i love my girls. taly went home and lisa and i found her friend who works at a bar where we proceeded to get free drinks which are always the best then had an impromptu photo shoot in the 14th street subway station (yes i am still obsessed with photos, you will see, it only gets worse...)

i took the f line home and decided to walk a few extra blocks and go around my street so i could be out an about with the full moon. then i decided i needed another cigarette. i think it's about 11pm at this time. i spot 4 or 5 men standing around an underground stairway thing and ask for a light. they don't have one but someone wants a cigarette so i proceed to share the cigs and find hidden matches in my purse. they start singing zeppelin songs (four sticks) since i am carrying my two pairs of sticks still from practice. find out all these guys are in bands and then proceed to peg each of them for their band role immediately. the singer had singer hair! he was mick jagger pretty much. after that funnny moment the guys inform me they are going to some rock bar in the east village and that i am coming. with my sticks in tow we head out. i'm suddenly wandering with a group of men that only continues to get bigger as we walk. people are coming out of the woodworks until we have a full blown posse. i've got a guy with a cane rapping and spitting and trying to hold my hand. some guy from ghana that keeps asking me if he can come see my apartment and every other person i meet asking me if i play drums. i finally answer, 'no i just carry them around'. we roam. trash is too much of a pain in the ass to get into, they are being idiots so we start yelling and getting loud and leave to go to boa on 11th/a where we drink more, laugh more and start playing drums on barstools

you know life is good when coincidence/fate hits you in the face. i must admit that yesterday afternoon before heading out for practice i was listening to the velvet teen. i haven't listened to those guys in over a year, or longer. anyway i had radiapathy on repeat for a while. now, i'm telling you this because as i'm sitting in this bar last night, sometime around 230am what other than the velvet teen radiapathy comes on?!?! i ran around asking if anyone knew who it was but no one had heard of them. the bartender who kept changing the cd's didn't know either so it was just completely random. i love moments like that.
i don't have any pics of me in my moment of excitement but i have some funny ones taken right before i decided it was time to take my ass home sometime around 3am. the guy in the blue shirt is in a band called my tvs and i'll be checking them out at arlene's grocery on july 18th (i think that's the date...). wooot.

i woke up at 9am cause it was too hot to sleep. but after waking up jessica and talking for close to an hour i decided i was too delirious to be awake, convinced myself that is was not soooo hot after all and managed to fall asleep for another two hours.
okay i'd detail more things that i did today but i fear i'm boring you.

i'm pretty much sitting in my front room right now listening to death cab wondering how to bust out of this musicians' writers block. there is a fear of doing that i can't get past today. the gorge between my heart and my head is quite gaping this afternoon. i'm going to turn up the music louder and have another glass of wine. what else is there to do?



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How is Lisa? I can't get ahold of her. From Lisa's mom, Joanne (949 644 4000 or 949 584 1512) -

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