Monday, July 12, 2004

honey. honey. honey.

i can't sleep
i swear to god! when did i become an insomniac!?
i've been eating raw unfiltered honey today and it's helping me get better. i'm almost healthy again. physically at least.
i can't help it. i'm feeling haunted. memories are creeping in my window. singing in my ear, lauging at my pillow. i keep seeing the kitchen in my last apartment and the love that was had there - the breath on thanksgiving that i'd never though i'd take.
i'm going to be 26 next week and i still feel as emotionally stunted as i did at 13. and 18. and 21.
but i have to keeep going...i only have a few years left...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my beautiful sweetheart .... all is as it should be.
life ain't easy and shouldn't be, you reap what you sow. You are where you need to be.
"Just stop drinking coffee and start doin' yoga!"
Loving you

11:42 PM  

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