Thursday, July 08, 2004

grrrrr. arg!

i've gotten sick...booo! throat swollen and stuffy head icky ick. spent most of yesterday in bed. my friend aubrey came in from california so i'm sort of pretending i'm not sick, going out for breakfast and such. lyaing a bit low though. tonight joan wasser is playing with katell keineg and i am stoked!!! been trying to catch joan for a long time now and always miss her by a day or two when i've been out here before. so tonight, me, tonic and a beautiful show. woooooot.
i bought an amp. i couldn't help it. it is what i've been looking for and this guy was moving to texas and getting rid of a lot of gear. it is beautiful, a fender twin reverb, looks like it's abouta '76... check it


the same day i bought the amp i scored two bob dylan records on the street! it felt just like being back in sf. hahaha. i got highway 61 revisited and blonde on blonde. a perfect day i must say.

i've also gotten used to the heat. i mean. i sit in my front room with no air and the sun coming in the window and think, this ain't so bad.
what is happening to me? and i'm writting a lot of slower, country vibe songs. must be the folk music...

the 4th of july...look kids the williamsburg bridge!


so we did venture out to the east river to see fireworks, as you know, i was not so excited.
but whateva. the funiest part of that night was peeking into the luna lounge to see this band called blame hound. the lead singer had been running around the street asking people to come and since i live right there i thought why not. it was pretty damn funny. the guy was so excited he came over and gave me a kiss and when jessica arrived he took her for a spin on the floor before kissing her and running back on stage. it was pretty much staged arena rock and highly uninspiring but very fun so...that's that.
oh yeah, here they are

that's about all i can handle for now. off to rest before i head off to eat macrobiotic yumminess with taly. weeeee.



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